Writing an Irresistible Blog

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Do you ever struggle to write engaging blog content that instantly hooks your readers? You’re not alone! In fact, many entrepreneurs battle this same problem. The trouble is that the more you loathe a task, the harder it becomes to complete said task. Drudgery overcomes you, weighing you down like cement shoes and you just can’t seem to break this loathsome cycle. 

Here’s the deal: it’s going to be infinitely harder for your business to stand out from the rest of your online competition if you can’t produce content that grabs the attention of your target audience. Think about this:

  • Great content will attract customers, guiding them through your sales funnel.
  • Customers don’t want to spend time on the phone asking questions about your products and services. They want to quickly skim your website content to see how you can add value to their lives by solving a specific problem. 
  • The content you post presents opportunities to engage with your customers. 
  • You stand to gain as high as 97% more links to your business website if you post good content.
  • Your company blog could be considered five times more trustworthy a source for consumers who are seeking to gather information about you online.
  • 77% of people online are blog readers.


The words "You got this" written on post it notes on a laptop

While I could just rest my case here, I want to offer some hope for breaking the cycle of drudgery you encounter when you think about engaging blog content. At the end of the day, your customers just want to read something they can identify with and there are some really easy methods you can implement in order to amplify your content’s appeal.

Tone of voice is everything! I recently received a letter from an old friend and found myself thinking, “Wow! He writes EXACTLY how he sounds in person!” I enjoyed the letter even more for the sake of my buddy’s tone, feeling as though he was standing in my living room conversing with me. That’s how your content should read! It should be reflective of who you are in tone and personality, humanizing your brand. You might find you actually enjoy writing when you can simply be yourself. The content will have more of a natural flow and you will be far less likely to suffer from writer’s block. It’s a win-win!

Relatability is the key! It’s best when you stick to subjects to which your consumers can relate. Try to incorporate lingo commonly used by your target audience such as “cool new promo” or “awesome discount”! This allows you to show more passion for your brand and products while writing in a much more interactive style TO your customers rather than AT them. 

When used properly, video and images can be helpful. While both are a great means of simplifying and enhancing your content, they should be used strategically and not in a manner which clutters your message or doesn’t reflect your brand. The great thing about videos is that they are easily and quickly digested by your customers and can help break up large chunks of text. They also have the capacity to be engaging! For example, if you have a new product to showcase, you might consider doing a helpful demo video. Your consumers will appreciate knowing they can visit your website for solutions if they need help!

Keep it simple! Long, rambling paragraphs will compel no one to revisit your business website. Don’t be boring, getting bogged down with technical jargon and uninteresting information. Customers aren’t looking for a novel, so keep your epistles short and sweet, using simple, easy-to-understand lingo. Bullet points, lists and headlines are great attention grabbers, allowing consumers to quickly glean helpful info. The trick is to ensure that your content can easily be skimmed. Customers don’t want to spend the whole day on your website. Quick and easy is best and, if the content is easily skimmable, even better!

Write now. Edit later. The best way to frustrate yourself is by editing your content as you’re writing it. Don’t. Do. That. Get your thoughts down quickly and then go back for edits. Don’t stop to correct simple typos along the way. You could easily lose focus and your train of thought can seriously derail and that’s not good for anyone. Write first and make the corrections later. 

The best way to maximize the results of your efforts is to post on a regular basis and stay current in your content. Make sure you perform regular checks on your website content to ensure relevance and remove outdated posts. Don’t frustrate your readers with tips from 1998! While it doesn’t seem like that long ago, some of your customers probably weren’t even born yet!

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