Why Your Business Needs a Website Audit

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Nothing screams “excitement” like a good, old fashioned website audit. Why? Because a website audit includes a general analysis of your business site, revealing steps you need to take in order to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) value. These tantalizing audits are great for learning about ways to improve your website’s performance, including content, overall SEO score, web stats and site speed.

Sarcasm aside, website audits truly are the cat’s meow. Of course, they sound terribly boring and snooze-worthy, however, they are invaluable to your business, strengthen your marketing and help you better connect with your consumers. Precious little in your entrepreneurial life should excite your business-owning heart more than that!

Grab your favorite beverage and get comfy in the Lazy Boy, because there are eight different types of audits, reports and analyses of which you should be aware:

  • Website Audit: This in depth report includes 100+ actionable recommendations to help 2X+ website leads.
  • On Page SEO Report: This report includes dozens of actionable on page SEO insights.
  • Landing Page Audit: This report offers actionable insights on how to convert more clicks into customers.
  • Page Speed Insights Report: This report includes issues and recommendations to help pages load faster.
  • E-commerce Website Audit: This includes 100+ actionable points to boost conversions 25% or more!
  • Google My Business Audit: This actionable report tells you what to optimize on a GMB profile to boost the businesses local ranking on Google.
  • Competitive Analysis: Use the insights in this report to help your prospects or customers out-maneuver their competition.

ROI Analysis: Use this to answer the most important question your prospect or client is asking about your services: “Is it worth the investment?”

The end goal is always the same: ensuring that you have a reliable, powerful system in place that works! It’s like walking into a public restroom stall only to realize there is no toilet paper until it is too late. We’ve ALL been there. Don’t be THAT person. Again. Know the dangers that can bring your website down AHEAD of time so that you can fix what’s broken before things get awkward. Start performing your own website health “mini” audit!

1. Run a simple speed test.

While this simple step won’t tell you EVERYTHING regarding your website’s performance, it is a great starting point. 

  • Run at least three different tests in order to best average the speed of your site. 
  • Try to run tests from different geographical locations as you will likely have website traffic from beyond the U.S. Pingdom is a great site to use for running basic speed tests. 

2. Perform your own search for your website to see how you rank.

  • Sign out of your Gmail account. 
  • Change your location to match that of your target audience. 
  • Open a new window for www.google.com each time a new term is searched. For example, if you search “Joe’s Gym”, Google won’t forget and will only deliver results specifically related to “Joe’s Gym”. 
Use the same practice when checking keywords. Check them from the same location, using the same browser.
Pingdom Website Speed Test
Do Search for Your Website to See How You Rank

3. Review your content.

  • Are your contact details accurate and clearly displayed?
  • Do you have strong headlines?
  • Have you incorporated valuable keywords for SEO?
  • Does your content effectively inform your target audience while building interest?
  • Is your content search-engine friendly? Are you ranking well with Google regarding keywords and phrases for which your target audience is searching?
  • How consistently are you at showcasing your brand?
Features of Content

Let’s revisit the awkward bathroom stall scenario, shall we? Performing a simple audit of a stall prior to sitting would result in an entirely different, much more comfortable experience. The benefits would be obvious and the procedure would end without awkward cries for help, possible appearances of an IQ deficit, and inconvenient delays. The same can be said for auditing your business website.

  • You will rank higher in search engines!
  • You will generate better user experiences for your ideal customers!
  • You will improve your website’s speed and performance!
  • You will identify weaknesses BEFORE your users do and resolve them!
  • You will pinpoint your strongest, winning content!

Website audits are a win-win for you AND your consumers! We’d be happy to run any of the web audits mentioned above for your business website. In fact, mention this blog post and we’ll take 15% off.