Why does your business need an engaging web presence?

Believe it or not, the World Wide Web has been around for decades now but a surprisingly large number of small businesses don’t think that they need to have websites. People running small businesses give all sorts of excuses to avoid creating their own websites. However, the benefits of an online presence should not be ignored. Contracting the services of a web design company is guaranteed to change the way an entrepreneur carries out his business.

Business owners should know that buyers today pre-qualify businesses they might work with later. They do this by simply visiting the business website of a company. According to a study done by Hubspot marketing agency, a whopping 78% of internet users find out about products online before initiating a purchase transaction. This figure also applies to people looking for local businesses.

Think about your own purchase transactions. How many times have you searched a product or business online before going ahead to buy something? The Internet is a free source of information which influences consumers. Not having an online presence therefore hurts businesses whether they know it or not. Making your presence felt on the web is not as difficult as it used to. A business in Florida for instance can contact a Jacksonville Webdesign Company to make its name on the Internet. With a website a business will no longer miss out on the most crucial part of business which the getting found part.

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you

More and more web-savvy companies are coming up and there is a good chance that one of those companies is your competitor. If your competitor is more active than you on the web, you are going to miss out on business. Companies whose products might be worse than yours understand that people are quick to judge a book by its cover. Therefore, if their website kicks your website’s butt, consumers will end up buying from your competitor. You must be picky when choosing a web design company. A local, plugged-in, experienced St Augustine Webdesign firm is better than an obscure company operating from God-knows-where.

Control the conversation

Whether or not you have a website, there are likely some conversations on the Internet regarding your business. Even if you have never hired a Jacksonville Webdesign Company to make a website for you, your web presence is already there thanks to your customers. People now leave reviews of businesses on websites such as Google review, Trip Advisor, and Yelp. Social media is another place where you cannot prevent people from saying whatever they want about your business. Even thought you can’t control what people say, you can respond to things said about you and potentially develop or improve relationships with your customer base. You can respond to reviews about you and introduce product improvements to fix previous negative feedback. You can only do such things with a website of your own. Let Marlin help you break out of the crowd and create your new website today!

Source: MarlinCS Blog