What’s Coming in 2016 – Siri & Cortana

If you watch television or have an Iphone, you know Siri. You may talk to her a lot, ask her questions, or use her to maximize your hands-free smartphone use. But do you know Cortana? Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri. It allows non-Iphone users to experience the same digital “personal assistant” as Siri. Let’s take this a step further, let’s talk about Amazon Echo. Echo is a standalone piece of technology that looks like a little wifi speaker. But it is so much more. The Echo is aimed at creating a smart home. Seriously! You can ask Echo questions just like Siri or Cortana, play your music library, turn on and off all compatible electronics with your voice, or even play an audio book.
What does this mean to you? As a small business owner with a web presence, why should you care about Siri, or Cortana, or Echo? Because part of these new technologies is their ability to utilize search engines when you ask them a question, and just like us, these “assistants” are looking for the best, fastest answer. That’s where we come in. We spend a lot of time discussing search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising here at Marlin. They are two of the best strategies for internet marketing and a major focus in our work. Building on these established strategies, Marlin is ensuring your web presence remains at the forefront of internet marketing. The difference is how we do it: we make sure your business information is easily accessible for these digital “assistants” rather than blindly funnel people to your website. Let us take your website into the new realm of internet search engines.