Use Humor to Build Trust

Business man with serious look on his face

I bet you didn’t know that your sense of humor could be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal when used correctly. Humor is a skill which can make your brand more relatable to your customers, acting as a means of building trust. In fact, a good sense of humor can often make all the difference in converting a browsing consumer to a lifetime customer. Everyone enjoys sharing a laugh and humor might be just the ticket to forming a stronger connection with your target audience. 

Trust and laughter are intertwined as laughter is one of the most prominent physical signs of trust. Think about it. Would you laugh with someone who is threatening you? Obviously not. In addition, oxytocin, also known as the “bonding” or “trust” molecule, releases when you laugh. 

Humor plays a prominent role in stress reduction, improved creativity, communication and the overall tone of your brand as well as your company’s culture. For example, a properly inserted joke has the power to show you are listening to your employees and customers. Furthermore, you are creating a memorable interaction via the element of surprise. A customer isn’t likely to expect you to have a sense of humor regarding one of your products which did not work out for them. A clean, humorous response shows consumers that you are good-natured and that you don’t sweat the small stuff. It also disarms a potentially tense consumer who might be frustrated that your product failed them. 

Humor invites creativity. For example, you can lead with a comical riddle during your next brainstorming sesh with your employees. Open the session by asking your staff how they would save the world from flying elephants using a firehouse and a large bag of clementines. Be prepared to be amazed at some interesting responses and confused stares!

A note on a desk with the words "why so serious?" written on it

Everyone LOVES a funny story! Share your best, most relevant memories with your staff and consumers and incorporate your own personal animation. You can make almost any story hilarious in the way that you reiterate to your audience. The best part about a hilarious story is that there’s usually some analogy or purpose. Again, you are creating a memorable exchange between you and your customer who will now look forward to visiting your store again in the future. The REAL game changer is knowing that your customer now views a usual run-of-the-mill errand as an opportunity to laugh. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more “regulars” popping into your store because it’s “on the way home”. They might actually enjoy being in your shop!

The bottom line is that trust equals reliability and if you can use humor to build trust with your consumers, it’s a win-win. Your customers will heavily rely on you because they trust you. Be open and honest with a humorous twist and your consumers will flock to engage with you!