The Three Pillars of SEO

The Three Pillars of SEO

Two pillars of SEO strategy have been the same for years: quality content and inbound links. A third key element has joined the ranks of these two elements: the now ubiquitous social media. Many business owners remain slow to pick up the social media torch, this may be due to the fact that social media wasn’t even around when SEO got rolling on the World Wide Web.

Today social media is pervasive across our entire culture and it provides a whole new way to distribute and reach existing and potential clients. Social media has become the fastest-growing ranking factor on search engines. Now that we’ve identified the three pillars, let’s go into some more detail.

Content Strategy

Content strategy goes beyond great content. It covers the current and future content on your site as well as ensuring it’s optimized for SEO and follows technical best practices.

Before you attempt strategic content, you must understand your potential client as well as keywords they may be searching. Keyword data can be an excellent tool to fill gaps in your content. What are users in your market looking for? Is there a particular word or phrase that could bring in new clientele?

Great content will shape user experience. A well produced, regularly maintained blog will build your reputation for trustworthy, quality work. All of this leads to more meetings, potential sales, inbound links, social media attention, and overall increase in your company’s online success. You have to provide interesting, eye-catching content to your readers or they will look elsewhere.

Inbound Links

Link building is the process of utilizing SEO tactics to create links from other websites to bring new readers to your website. Hence, inbound links. As always, quality and quantity is a huge factor in link building.  Quality always trumps quantity in the world of SEO. Weak links will not bring in new traffic; you have to entice your potential clients.

Social Media

Social media is a favorite topic of mine because it is literally a gold mine. IF you use it correctly. I can’t say it enough, social media can allow you to interact with your customers and build relationships with them. You can create a feeling of camaraderie while driving traffic to your page.  The application of social media is not the same for every company. Target market, location, product, all of these things can and will impact your use of social media to reach out to your market.


In today’s world, you must give attention to all three pillars of the trade. The tripod of SEO must all receive equal balance in order to support your online marketing efforts. Let Marlin Consulting build your online presence!

Source: MarlinCS Blog