SEO Is a Small Business Necessity

Magnifying glass over the letters SEO

Historically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a medium to large business tool but it has become just as critical for small business success as well. There are two different categories in SEO; on-page and off-page. On-page is work you do to improve your individual pages to improve your search engine results ranking. This covers everything from keywords to formatting, URLs, even load speed, blogging, and page design. Off-page covers practices like link building through social media, articles, and even business profiles.

SEO can be complex, but it is crucial you don’t dismiss it. The good news is a lot of SEO work won’t even hurt your budget while being more effective than more traditional marketing plans. Fun fact, inbound leads (gained from SEO) cost 61% less than outbound leads (think cold calling). Here are just a couple pieces you can focus on in your small business SEO efforts. Local SEO; as a small business you have a better relationship with your clientele and local audience than a big conglomerate. Your ability to focus keywords in your content to your local area will help you grab that coveted top spots in search engine results. Social media is a fantastic tool for small businesses. You can drive traffic to your website, blog, whatever you utilize. It’s also something you can do 100% yourself for free. Just remember, you really need to post regularly and interact with / respond to users in order to get everything out of your social media efforts. Link building is another great strategy for small business / local SEO. To be successful with link building you need to show your knowledge of the topic/subject by guest blogging or sending quality content to other quality directories to entice others to share.

We’ll cover more next week on the importance of SEO for small businesses. See you then!