Mobile Presence: A Brave New World

Happy New Year! For my last post of 2014 I thought I’d touch on one of the most ubiquitous pieces of technology in our world today: the smart phone. It feels like we’re being overrun by mobile devices, from smart phones to tablets. Today’s smart phones are running such high level operating systems they have become one of the best places for businesses to reach out and interact with their customers. Web design companies have a new level of importance in this mobile friendly world. Your website must translate to smart phone internet surfers in order to maximize your footprint. In fact, large companies have made this jump quite smoothly and quickly. Small businesses have lagged behind on this technology leap.

Statistics show the number of smart phones GLOBALLY is growing at unprecedented speeds. Keeping in touch with people is now just a small part of our mobile phone usage. Think about what you can do with your smart phone: make purchases in a store, get on an airplane, deposit checks, take pictures and load them to social media (the selfie. Who saw that coming?) Along this new line of thinking is the opportunity to communicate with your clientele. Many of our clients utilize email newsletters for their customers. Have you considered text messages? One of my favorite sushi restaurants in Jacksonville texts out their specials at least once a week. And it works. I have changed my plans more than once for them.

Regular websites don’t just magically work on a smart phone. It’s critical that your web design company is capable and prepared to develop your mobile site in addition to your regular computer-based site. There are so many opportunities created simply by developing your mobile-friendly site. Research has proven users are discouraged from a company if their website is difficult to navigate from a smart phone. Another unexpected benefit to a good mobile site? Improved search engine rankings. When someone conducts a search on their mobile phone search engines will provide them first with sites that will work on their smart phone.

I can’t overstate how important your mobile presence is in today’s smart phone world. From search engine optimization to online purchases to dinner reservations, the mobile world is becoming a larger and larger part of the web design business plan. Start 2015 with a bang and get your website ready for mobile users! Give us a call and Happy New Year!

Source: MarlinCS Blog