Making Your Brand Reboot Work

The idea of a brand reboot can be completely overwhelming, even scary. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, Being around long enough that you need to shake things up with a brand reboot can actually be a sign of success. Longevity is a good thing but it means you have to keep up with technology and changing times. Hence, the brand reboot. Let’s break this down a little bit.

Timing is EVERYTHING. What this means is ensuring you’re rebooting for the right reasons. You don’t want to go through this kind of major change in response to a fad. You want to work with real changes in the business world. Business models are changing constantly in the digital age. Social media alone has changed the business concept by essentially removing the middle man when we want to communicate with a business.

Your reboot needs to include a makeover. Your website, logo, business cards, etc are your brand. What better way to make sure everyone knows you’re changing than to bring out a new logo and design scheme? You’re changing and everyone should know it. With the internet the marketplace is crowded. It has become very easy for small businesses and individuals to create an online presence and clutter up the works. Your bold change will bring attention to your business.

While your makeover’s visibility is important and shows your changes, you need to be able to explain them simply and clearly. Think about the marketplace right now. Domino’s Pizza is no longer Domino’s Pizza. They created an entire ad campaign to explain they’ve dropped Pizza from their storefronts to reflect all of the other products they now offer. Starbucks dropped coffee from its name for the same reason. Companies are branching out and want to avoid being pigeon-holed into one product or idea. You must strike a careful balance with your reboot. It shouldn’t be superficial or shallow but you need to be able to explain it succinctly and with conviction.

Now that you’re committing to a reboot, you want to establish any elements of your brand that have a strong connection for your customers and keep them as you update. Think about major reboots over the years and the elements that never change. Sticking with Starbucks and Domino’s, even though they changed part of their names, the logo is the same, the colors are the same. You can still identify a Starbucks cup just by seeing the round green logo. When you’re in a foreign country and you don’t speak the language, you still know that cup! So don’t start from scratch. Don’t throw away everything you’ve built up. Decide what you want to see change and be clear on what you want to keep. 

Test your plan. Then test it again. Then test it again. Get my drift? Talk to employees, customers, competitors, anyone and everyone who will give you feedback on your current brand and any ideas you have for your reboot. Don’t just rely on YOUR gut. Someone may surprise you and completely change your perspective. Remember, your reboot is aimed at impacting your customers so you need to make sure you’re listening to them!

Good luck! Brand reboots don’t have to be scary. Commit to your change and keep an open mind during the process. Marlin can help!

Source: MarlinCS Blog