Epic Content and your Target Audience


The internet is flooded with similar-looking content. Unique content is hard to create and it’s only getting harder as more and more websites grasp the importance of content marketing. So with that great news, how do we produce eye-catching interesting content that stands out from everyone else?

You have to answer people’s needs. Simple, right? It’s actually one of the toughest parts of the marketing challenge. If you help people with your content, they will trust you. But how do you learn what they’re looking for? Marlin CS will help break out your website.

Competitors’ Forums

Knowing your competition is one of the most important steps in the development of your content. Based on their successes, failures, and potential gaps, we can break out your site using the best methods to reach your clientele. This will help you pinpoint what your audience is looking for.


As we build your website, comments offer an excellent look into what your target audience wants. We don’t just look at comments on your current site or Facebook page, we utilize discussion boards and forums to mine focused ideas about what your audience is looking for.

The Social Networks

Social networks are the best place for personal expression in today’s online world. And they’re usually free. If you’re smart about your efforts you can get direct information on what people want. You just have to know where to look. Twitter hashtags are a terrific way to create continuous interest and discussion about your product or website. Facebook and Google+ allow you to engage your audience and draw them in. Then you can keep them interested by updating your status and posting items of interest.


eCommerce is more important for product website developers. Looking at sites where similar products are sold and reading comments, reviews and other chatter about products is a focused way to pinpoint what motivates your customers’ purchasing decisions.


It’s simple. Know your customer, know your market. Do that and your content becomes that much more valuable to your business. Bottom line, the clients are what matters. They are the key to any of your success. Marlin is here to help you build that relationship with your potential customers. Let’s make that connection together.

Source: MarlinCS Blog