Instagram added 100 million users in the last month. Were you one of them?

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Social media. Social media. Social media. If you tap your heels together and say it three times will you magically have accounts on all the big networks? Unfortunately, no. BUT on a positive note every new social media boom gives you and your business a new opportunity to grab someone’s attention. Let’s talk Instagram.

I am a new member of the Instagram trend and I have to be honest, I like it. The quick photo uploads, the filters, the interaction with my favorite athletes and actors, it’s pretty cool. I want to make sure the Marlin family is riding the Instagram wave because they now have EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION MONTHLY AND FIVE HUNDRED DAILY ACTIVE USERS. That is a huge number. Another huge number is the TWO MILLION advertisers now on the site. Instagram is the current “hotness” and the opportunity to reach completely new and different potential clientele is one of the biggest reasons to join the Insta fam.

Instagram users are generally younger and more tech / social media savvy than Facebook. More importantly, the amount of time Insta users watch videos is up 80% from last year. 80%. I cannot overstate the significance of a number like 80%. It is fantastically quick and easy to a) set up an Insta account and b) post your own videos. When you post videos it allows potential customers to “meet you” and in this day and age of FaceTime, SnapChat, What’s App, and Google, the personal connection has become a driving force for consumers.

Join the movement 🙂 Marlin can help with your social media program and put you over the top! I promise you won’t regret it.