Google Duo: The new video calling app you’re about to fall in love with!

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Google is at it again. This time they are working to challenge Apple’s video calling domination through FaceTime with Google Duo. Why does this matter? Because, unlike FaceTime, it can be used on Android or iOS allowing 1 to 1 calling between more phones and operating systems. (Personally this is a big deal for me as the black sheep of my family. Seriously, between my parents, sister, husband, and in-laws I am the ONLY one sticking with Android).

Google has made a significant effort to make this as painless as possible, and wisely so. FaceTime is already on all iOS products so requiring download or account set up is going to lose I Phone / I Pad / Mac users pretty quickly. With that in mind, after you download the app all you need is your phone number to get started and you’re good to go!

We’ve all had those moments when our video calls break up and get choppy or freeze and wound up completely frustrated. Google has worked hard to learn from other video call apps and improve their product to avoid some of those frustrations. Your video calls will connect easily even on slower networks, in fact Duo will reduce video resolution to keep your call going smoothly. Even better, when you switch between Wi-Fi and regular data your call won’t drop. Glory be!

One fun addition from Google is the “Knock Knock” feature. Knock Knock lets you see your caller as they’re ringing you so you can see what they’re up to. This is really a nice way of saying you can now screen a video call :). Most importantly, Duo was built with a serious focus on privacy and security. To protect us while using Duo, all calls are end-to-end encrypted giving you an extra sense of comfort while broadcasting video of you and your family via 4g or Wi-Fi connections.

Check out your app store today and try out Duo with your friends and family! I’ve already downloaded it for myself, now I just need to get all my iOS family to jump on the Google bandwagon. Have fun and remember your Knock Knock feature!