Dark Posts as Facebook Advertising


Dark Posts as FacebookAdvertising; A new way to reach your customer base

Dark posts sound sinister but they’re incredibly effective and growing quickly in popularity. A dark posts doesn’t show in your timeline, it appears in the newsfeeds of SPECIFIC people you designate. Because it appears in someone’s newsfeed they are more likely to acknowledge the ad than the ads that run down the right side of a Facebook page.

Dark posts can include updates, links, photos, or video like normal user posts. Embedding a link in a dark post can drive customers to your website to learn more about you.  You can shape content for specific types of users such as targeting by location, age, gender, or interests. The ability to customize your ad helps you avoid one-size-fits-all ads that don’t draw the same level of interest from users.

With dark posts you can test content without showing your entire hand to your potential audience. Dark posts can help you avoid coming off as spam but you should maintain standard social media etiquette. You can receive comments and likes and users can share your dark posts like regular user posts. That said, it is critical you monitor your dark posts. If you don’t keep up with them, potential customers will lose interest due to lack of attention.

As always, Facebook advertising can be a double-edged sword. Comments, reviews, and photos are great when they’re positive, until they’re not. Stay on top of your Facebook reputation; respond quickly when there’s an issue. Take control and be proactive instead of reactive. Dark posts can be a quick way to get your online identity up and running if you handle it the right way!

Source: MarlinCS Blog