Building a Solid Content Strategy

Many people are already building an eye-catching content strategy and are reaping the benefits. Google’s growing steadily sharper over time, and even content strategies that have produced excellent SEO results for a time begin to falter. So, how can you develop a content strategy that will stand the test of time, while winning approval from users as well as Google?

Building enticing content strategies focused on appealing to users isn’t difficult, will always yield better results, and won’t succumb to one of Google’s future algorithm updates. If you stick with your efforts, you’re going to win the approval of your users as well as Google. Let’s look at some strong content strategies that will keep you in front of your customers.


Onsite Content Strategy

Your content strategy should begin with your own website, where your focus should be on optimizing the user experience. User experience isn’t just how pretty or fun your website is. It deals with how easy it is for your potential and existing customers to find what they need. Content comes first. Provide the information and make it front and center and user-friendly.

User intent is critical to your onsite strategy. You have to think about what a user is looking for when they come to your website. For example when someone searches for “domain discounts” on a specific site like GoDaddy, it’s obvious what they are looking for.

A unique style: In this competitive online world the only way you’re going to stand out is to be user friendly while remaining unique and making a strong impression.

Don’t “sell”: Provide value to potential customers. Don’t blatantly sell them; that alters your entire focus to marketing. If you educate, inform, and provide value customers will naturally want to buy your product.

Offsite Content Strategy

Identify your audience: Knowing your audience will only help your site break out from the masses.

Guest posting: Find specific subjects that will make a difference with your clientele.

Follow-up: This is critical and often forgotten. You work so hard to create content that will grab clients and you never follow up or participate in any potential discussions. Being available breeds trust with searchers.

Build Strong Relationships: Building Natural Links & Authority

Identify key players in your field: Find what you like or don’t like about sites, strategies, et cetera of competitors in your field. This will only help you find your voice and maximize your footprint.

Work with competitors: Not everyone is helpful but some of your direct competitors can actually make great friends. Creating these relationships can widen your exposure very naturally.

Always stay focused on the most important thing: help! Help others, help competition, help potential clients, help anyone you can. Remember, you only get out what you put in. If you actively help and support others you’re going to get back in return.

Source: MarlinCS Blog