Blogging and Your website… Important?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO

There are any number of reasons a small business in particular needs a website. First, your competitors have websites. From local businesses to large national companies, your business and your website have to stand out. Second, think convenience. I bet you have a stack of business cards you hand out whenever you meet new people. Your website is like an online business card people can find through search engines.

A professional website gives you instant credibility with a potential customer. A website shows your commitment to your business’ success. Your website can help you build relationships with customers by creating emails or newsletters to promote your business.

Building your online identity is like any new endeavor. There are growing pains and things that seem like a good idea at the time. In an effort to soften your head first dive into the world of blogging, here are some tips to consider as you begin your blog. When you sit down and start brainstorming your blog, don’t get wrapped up in what anyone else may want. Put your thoughts on paper and go from there. Be consistent! You can cover lots of different subjects but don’t waffle on where you stand. If you’re sending mixed signals you’re going to lose. Don’t be afraid of your readers; get to know them. If you understand them you can target your writing. Once you’ve begun blogging utilize your audience, get ideas from them. If you’re trying to entice potential customers to your business, listen to them!

Give it time. This isn’t going to happen overnight. Don’t panic! Marlin Consulting specializes in small businesses. Customers will be able to find you and learn about you, increasing traffic for you. Grow your email list and have some patience and a little faith and we’ll see those results.