Bing Tests Linking Search Engine Ads to Social Media

We are always discussing social media integration in advertising your small business. Bing has taken it to a new level. If you look at the graphic above, note the “Find more” that’s circled. When your ad comes up on Bing, a potential customer will be able to see your Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram, or whatever social media you prefer to use for your business.

Why does this matter? Bing is looking to bridge the gap between traditional web advertising and business’ use of social media to appeal to potential customers. If you are active on social media, this could significantly impact your access to new clientele. Consider the benefit of direct traffic to your Facebook page where you regularly update photos, interact with customers, and build relationships. It is an opportunity to streamline your advertising and social media in the hopes of increasing your visibility on both mediums.

This is truly in the test phase, and Bing users are encouraged to contact Bing if they are interested in joining the social media link test. They’re also soliciting feedback so if this is something you’d like to see become permanent, let them know!