Setting Your 2021 Goals


Setting Your 2021 Goals

As I am sure no one needs to be told, 2020 was a challenging year. A global pandemic that caused disruption on a scale that most people have never seen. Businesses large and small were shut down and have faced a lot of hardship. Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment venues are still nowhere close to normal and as of today January 5th, 2021, it has been nearly a year. After this sad and somewhere dismal recap. I am happy to say welcome to 2021.

They say hindsight is 2020, however this year 2021 I am sure lots of people prefer 2020 in their hindsight.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the start of a new year as it allows me to reflect on the year that has passed.

I use this time to look at the goals that I set last year and to see if they’ve been achieved. It’s also the perfect time to set some goals for the year ahead.

Have you set any goals for the upcoming year? You can download a copy here.

I’ve put together a short worksheet that will help you to set goals for your business over the next year.

Setting goals is important for both your business and personal life. It helps you to stay focused on the things that matter most to you. If you have a team working with you, letting them know about your business goals can keep everyone focused and on track throughout the year.

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I highly recommend printing out the worksheet and filling it in by hand. I know that sounds old fashioned, but scientists have carried out studies that proved writing things down by hand made them more likely to stick in your memory.

After you’ve filled in the worksheet, you may want to have a chat about what could be done with your website or online marketing to help achieve your goals for the year ahead. If that’s the case, I’d be happy to book a free 15-minute call with you. Use the button below to schedule that free call.

Now, if you are the type of person that might need a little help or possibly some direction when it comes to goal setting my friend Mark Missigman can help.  Mark has put together an amazing little course called “The 5 Mistakes We Make When Setting Goals“. 

His mini-course will help you avoid mistakes, take a new approach to how you think about setting goals as well as give you a workbook to track your progress. All this for ONLY $7, yes that I know it sounds corny when I say “Only $7” but it’s the truth. 

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