Predictions for 2021 Social Media Marketing Trends

social media

Last year generated great uncertainty for many entrepreneurs.  However, one thing is certain for 2021: marketing connections to social media will only increase as consumers continue to embrace platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for information regarding everything from entertainment to product research.  In a world stocked with 3.6+ billion social media users, Marlin Consulting Solutions (MCS) is known for flawlessly handling social media trends while building clientele leverage against the competition.    

Social media will mirror online shopping as many business owners convert to a predominately online-based business.  Instagram and Facebook already have shopping capability, however additional platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat are now in the race to establish solid marketing opportunities for businesses.  Social media platforms that have lagged in this race will strive to develop similar conveniences for consumers while building new and different opportunities for businesses to acquire sales online.  Marlin Consulting Solutions is skilled in navigating the changing social media landscape and employs experts who handle basic profile management, content, posts and comment responses, and target audience expansion while implementing ingenious custom branding as needed.   

“Snackable” & Engaging content will be valued above production quality.  Why?  Because consumers will watch live streams and videos regardless of the quality of the media as long as it provides value.  Marlin experts know that audiences find lower quality, home-made, or “raw” productions to be humanizing; they are more apt to form a personal connection to the advertised product or service.  MCS predicts an increase in “bare-bones” social media marketing over the next year as lonely (or quarantined) consumers flock to what they deem to be a more relational means of social media marketing.      

“Snackable”, brief social media continues to be the content which consumers crave.  No one wants to sit in front of a 45-minute infomercial, especially in the wake of shrinking attention spans.  Marlin Consulting Solutions implements multiple strategies such as quote graphics, infographics, memes, and Gifs to achieve snackable content.  

Video will remain the most popular means of content marketing.  Rated as the second most engaging social media type of content, MCS expects consumer video consumption to spike significantly in 2021, especially given the world’s current pandemic crisis.  Last year, business conferences, events, and marketing campaigns had no recourse but to shift to an online presence and consumers flocked to live streaming as a means of up-to-date communication.  Social media platforms have transitioned to stronger live streaming services, tutorials, and additional content in order to engage consumer following.  Marlin Consulting Services can utilize social media platforms as a means of streaming events for consumers who are unable to leave home straight to their private computer screens, cell phones, Apple watches, and IPads.

Less will be more.  The MCS team expects to see more relational and in touch with life posting and a reduction in the frequency of less significant, “quickie” posts.  In other words, Marlin Consulting Solutions focuses on thoughtful content that generates value while facilitating human connection rather than shooting aimlessly for a large quantity of generic posts.  MCS grants audience consideration regarding viewer expectations and what consumers want to hear versus adherence to cold, less personal algorithms.  Thoughtfulness goes much farther than ever before as evidenced by audiences who find value in brands who practice this principle.   As a result, it is only natural for conversational marketing to change tones in messaging channels and other forms of digital conversation.  

Authenticity will be paramount to successful social media marketing.  Marlin Consulting Solutions has worked with businesses that have serviced discouraged clients during trying times further enhanced by the onset of COVID-19.  As a result, consumers are more interested in looking for a brand in which they can invest than finding a good deal.  Marlin professionals respond to said consumers with complete authenticity; a touch of humanity which may be accessed via social media.  This process is achieved by tapping into user-generated content and client testimonials, offering a more customer-focused, caring approach to social media marketing.  This strategy yields consumer trust and brand awareness as the content acts as a means of building a business-consumer relationship, forcing business-to-customer accountability.  Marlin Consulting Solutions predicts that authenticity will become a product in and of itself in 2021 as consumers flock toward empathy and advocacy while ditching fake-it-til-you-make-it marketing gimmicks.  

Educational, conversational marketing will nurture consumers to conversion.  As previously mentioned, humanity must replace the robot effect in social media marketing.  Consumers are weary of inhuman, non-relational, irrelevant products and services.  The new conversation needs to emote, relate, recognize, respond and engage target audiences.  Marlin Consulting Solutions blends human interaction and artificial intelligence enabling businesses to achieve authenticity in social media marketing.  

Increased social media in-game advertising opportunities.  COVID-19 brought about an enormous spike in gaming by more than 10 million admitted gamers in 2020.  Platforms such as Snapchat have introduced mini-game apps and additional social media outlets are following suit.  This means that gaming and social media will soon form the perfect marriage birthing additional avenues by which to target consumers.  Marlin Consulting Solutions predicts that social media in-game advertising will increase in 2021.  


Social Media Marketing is not optional and is a necessary component of the marketing plan, ever-changing as it rises to meet constantly evolving consumerism.  Marlin Consulting Solutions accepts the challenge in continuing to research trends and study customer behavior while analyzing clientele social media data as our team of professionals produce strategic means by which to achieve successful social media marketing campaigns.