The 3 Pillars of Local SEO Dominance for Small Business

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Building a strong local SEO presence in Florida comes down to three key aspects. First, you must optimize your Google My Business page with verified information, Google Posts, and reviews from your customers. Once your Google My Business page is optimized, you should then move your focus onto your website. Optimizing your website for local SEO comes down to your …

Local SEO is a great strategy for small business

The value of local SEO for small businesses.

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing channel that many businesses have used to improve online presence, generate leads, and revenue. The introduction of local SEO has dramatically improved the ability of local businesses to gain reach and local customers. Before we dive into this topic, let’s take a look at the meaning of local SEO and how …

Local SEO is a great strategy for small business

SEO Is a Small Business Necessity

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Historically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a medium to large business tool but it has become just as critical for small business success as well. There are two different categories in SEO; on-page and off-page. On-page is work you do to improve your individual pages to improve your search engine results ranking. This covers everything from keywords to formatting, URLs, …

Fancy Filter for Local Search Results

Have You Noticed A Change In Your Rankings? Google’s Shaking Things Up With Its New Local Search Filters

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Google’s primary goal is to provide its users with the best possible search experience and they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure just that. In early 2017, Google introduced local search filters that allow users to sort results based on price, ratings and hours of operation. Taking it one step further, they are now automatically applying those filters and …

Dense Content

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Content Density This the concept that deals with the idea of avoiding superficial posting. Content these days has become quite superficial and that does prospective customers no good. The goal with content should be to highlight your uniqueness, your differences, from your competition. The challenge comes with keeping it interesting. Getting truly lengthy and in-depth on your website can take …

Rich Answers and Local Links

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Rich answers had a great year in 2016. Because most people search online using questions instead of keywords, Google has begun returning information that doesn’t require you to click on search results to get details. If you Google a famous person’s name, that person’s details appear as a Knowledge Panel on your results page. If you search using “how to” …

NAP – Name, Address, and Phone Number. Local Strategies to Boost Your Business

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As obvious as this seems, you’d be amazed how difficult it can be to find this information on a business homepage. Aside from the basic importance of letting potential customers know how to contact you, NAP data is actually used by search engines when local searches are performed. If your NAP is prominently part of your website, each time it …

REVIEWS – Local Strategies To Boost Your Business

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Over the next few weeks, the Marlin Blog is going to cover some SEO strategies designed specifically to give small businesses a boost in their local area. Hopefully one, or all, of these can do something for you. I’ll focus on a few specific sites as we discuss, but keep in mind there are dozens of sources out there! We’re …

P.O.E.M. Paid, Owned, Earned, Media

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When I talk about POEM, I’m not trying to start a conversation about iambic pentameter, I’m actually addressing three of the main channels you should utilize for a strong content marketing plan. Paid, Owned, Earned Media. Let’s take a closer look. Paid media is really just advertising. That said, there are so many paid avenues in this giant digital world …