Promotional Travel Company Case Study

Promotional Travel Company Case Study
Promotional Travel Company

A Florida timeshare promotional travel company with over 25 years in the market place with a solid reputation plus strong core operations and service.

On going marketing efforts in an increasingly competitive market presented several challenges.


They had a single person working on all SEO efforts in a competitive online business vertical. The company needed to increase their online presence, compete with more marketing-heavy travel companies and control their brand message to better grow their business.
Marlin Consulting Solutions planned, proposed and implemented a National SEO campaign to target the client’s destination offers. Using SEO best practices, we aligned the website with relevant keywords plus implemented strong on-page work, improved the branding message and consistency off-page.
After 12 months working with Marlin Consulting Solutions, our client is experiencing the following results:

  • 26 keywords on Google and 21 keywords on Bing are ranking on page 1
  • 51% increase in Google organic traffic Q4 2016 compared to Q3 2016
  • 68 verified listings with consistent NAP syndication
  • 200 calls each day are received from a prospective customer coming from a Google search, an increase of 13.47% over 2015
  • A contact form is filled out via the website every 20 minutes on average