Every Small Business Needs CRM Software – What is it?!

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Customer Relationship Management software, what even is that?! Let’s start with the basics. CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of their business processes: customer data, customer interaction, access business information, automated sales. Companies use CRM to manage and analyze interactions with their customers and data gleaned through the client life …

Edit your Google My Business Listing right in the search results

You can now edit Google My Business Listings directly from the search results

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For those of us that already have a verified business in Google My Business, we have some interesting news. You can now update your business info directly from the Google search engine result page. Please remember that need you to make sure you’re logged in to your Google My Business account. Let’s try editing your Google My Business Page right …

Local SEO is a great strategy for small business

SEO Is a Small Business Necessity

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Historically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a medium to large business tool but it has become just as critical for small business success as well. There are two different categories in SEO; on-page and off-page. On-page is work you do to improve your individual pages to improve your search engine results ranking. This covers everything from keywords to formatting, URLs, …

Instagram added 100 million users in the last month. Were you one of them?

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Social media. Social media. Social media. If you tap your heels together and say it three times will you magically have accounts on all the big networks? Unfortunately, no. BUT on a positive note every new social media boom gives you and your business a new opportunity to grab someone’s attention. Let’s talk Instagram. I am a new member of …

SSL Certificates. What They Do AND Why You Need One

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SSL Certificates, what are we even talking about? SSLs is the backbone of Internet security by protecting information as it travels the web. Often website owners balk at purchasing SSLs if their webpage isn’t set up for online shopping/money exchange. That is a mistake. SSL’s provide critical items like privacy, data integrity, and protection for your website and visitors to …

Fancy Filter for Local Search Results

Have You Noticed A Change In Your Rankings? Google’s Shaking Things Up With Its New Local Search Filters

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Google’s primary goal is to provide its users with the best possible search experience and they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure just that. In early 2017, Google introduced local search filters that allow users to sort results based on price, ratings and hours of operation. Taking it one step further, they are now automatically applying those filters and …

Meet Fred! Wait who is Fred? What does he have to do with SEO?

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In the second half of 2016 a lot of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry knew there was something big coming down the pipe. As expected, here comes Google making a rather significant change to their search algorithm in early March of 2017. Code-named “Fred”, the impact is now changing the way many in the digital marketing community are approaching …

More Social Media Video “Don’ts”

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We are reaching the end of our social media video series, so we’re going to hit on the last few things to avoid. I think some of these suggestions are fairly easy to avoid but also VERY easy to fall into. For example, overly lengthy videos. It’s easy to tell yourself to keep a video short and sweet. But once …

Social Media Don’ts

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Let’s discuss some of the things you want to avoid when building your social media video presence. First, don’t just shoot for the biggest target. Just because Facebook has almost 2 billion users doesn’t mean they want to see what you’re putting out there. You have to find the right audience. Depending on your business, LinkedIn may be your best …